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Who Among Them Earns Least? - Logical Reasoning


Read the following and answer the questions:

Six persons— P, Q, R, S, T and W work in an Organisation. Each of them likes different colours, viz., Black, White, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow and their salaries are also different. The person who earns maximum does not like Blue or White colour. The person who earns the least does not like Black or Red colour. R likes Yellow colour and his salary is the second maximum. P likes White colour and earns more than T but less than W. Q likes Black colour who earns less than P but more than T. S likes Blue colour and T likes Red colour.

Who among them earns least?


  • Q

  • P

  • R

  • S

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S has the lowest earnings. 

Concept: Problem Solving Ability (Entrance Exam)
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