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While You Were Away on Holiday, Your House Was Burgled. Write a Letter to Your Friend to Tell Him Or Her About It. - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief

While you were away on holiday, your house was burgled. Write a letter to
your friend to tell him or her about it.
Use the underlined expressions in Column A above to help you. Include ...
1. how the burglar could have got in,
2. how he knew you had gone away, and
3. what you could have done to prevent the burglary.

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6 January, 2016
Dear Anupam

I regret to inform you that my house has been burgled while I was away on a holiday. The burglar opened the lock of the main gate with my own key and decamped with the valuables.

I usually return home from office at 6 pm. When I did not turn up for two days, the burglar must have concluded that I would not come on that fateful day.

I usually keep my keys in a chink in the inside of the outer wall. I should have taken the keys with me. Or I must have informed my neighbour facing my house of my holidaying. The burglar might not have entered the house had I been a bit careful.

Yours affectionately

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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