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Answer the Following Question: While on a Visit to a Pond in the City-neighborhood, the Visitors Were Delighted to Find a Large Expanse of Water Covered with Colorful Algal Mass. - Biology


Short Note

Answer the following question:
While on a visit to a pond in the city-neighborhood, the visitors were delighted to find a large expanse of water covered with colorful algal mass.  

As a student of biology, do you agree with their delight? Give reasons in support of your answer.


What the villagers saw and are delighted about is algal bloom over a stationary water body. This algal bloom will cut off the supply of light and oxygen to the submerged flora and fauna of the water body. It will outcompete the water bodies flora and fauna for nutrients and will rapidly grow and deplete other organisms in the given water body ecosystem of necessary nutrients. This will quickly lead to the death, decay, and destruction of the already existing water body ecosystem.

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