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While charging lead storage battery - Chemistry


While charging lead storage battery


  • PbSO4 on cathode is reduced to Pb

  • PbSO4 on anode is oxidised to PbO2

  • PbSO4 on anode is reduced to Pb

  • PbSO4 on cathode is oxidised to Pb



PbSO4 on anode is reduced to Pb


Charging: anode: \[\ce{PbSO4_{(s)} + 2e^- -> Pb_{(s)} + SO^{-2}_{4(aq)}}\]

Cathode: \[\ce{PbSO4_{(s)} + 2H2O_{(l)} -> PbO2_{(s)} + SO^{-2}_{4(aq)} + 2e^-}\]

Concept: Thermodynamics of Cell Reactions
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Chapter 9: Electro Chemistry - Evaluation [Page 63]


Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th Chemistry Volume 1 and 2 Answers Guide
Chapter 9 Electro Chemistry
Evaluation | Q 12. | Page 63


Consider the following half cell reactions:

\[\ce{Mn^{2+} + 2e^- -> Mn}\] E0 = –1.18 V

\[\ce{Mn^{2+} -> Mn^{2+} + e^-}\] E0 = –1.51 V

The E0 for the reaction \[\ce{3Mn^{2+} -> Mn + 2Mn^{3+}}\], and the possibility of the forward reaction are respectively.

The number of electrons delivered at the cathode during electrolysis by a current of 1A in 60 seconds is ____________.
(charge of electron = 1.6 × 10−19 C)

Among the following cells

I) Leclanche cell

II) Nickel – Cadmium cell

III) Lead storage battery

IV) Mercury cell

Primary cells are:

In \[\ce{H2 - O2}\] fuel cell the reaction occurs at cathode is:

A current of 1.608A is passed through 250 mL of 0.5 M solution of copper sulphate for 50 minutes. Calculate the strength of Cu2+ after electrolysis assuming volume to be constant and the current efficiency is 100%.

Calculate the standard emf of the cell: \[\ce{Cd|Cd^{2+}||Cu^{2+}|Cu}\] and determine the cell reaction. The standard reduction potentials of Cu2+|Cu and Cd2+|Cd are 0.34 V and −0.40 volts respectively. Predict the feasibility of the cell reaction.

In fuel cell H2 and O2 react to produce electricity. In the process, H2 gas is oxidised at the anode and O2 at cathode. If 44.8 litre of H2 at 25°C and 1 atm pressure reacts in 10 minutes, what is average current produced? If the entire current is used for electro deposition of Cu from Cu2+, how many grams of deposited?

The same amount of electricity was passed through two separate electrolytic cells containing solutions of nickel nitrate and chromium nitrate respectively. If 2.935 g of Ni was deposited in the first cell. The amount of Cr deposited in the another cell?
Given: molar mass of Nickel and chromium are 58.74 and 52 gm−1 respectively.

Derive an expression for the Nernst equation.

Explain the function of H2 – O2 fuel cell.


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