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Which Type/Types of Power Generation Involve Maximum Number of Steps of Energy Conversion? in Which Power Generation is the Number Minimum? - Science and Technology 2

Which type/types of power generation involve maximum number of steps of energy conversion? In which power generation is the number minimum? 

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The types of power generation involving maximum number of steps of energy conversion are:
(i) Thermal energy based power generation: It involves 5 steps of energy conversion.

Chemical energy→thermal energy→kinetic energy in steam→kinetic energy in 

(ii) Nuclear energy based power generation: It also involves 5 steps of energy conversion.

Nuclear energy→ thermal energy→kinetic energy in steam →kinetic energy in turbine 

The power generation using solar photovoltaic cell involves least number of steps of energy conversion. It involves only two steps of energy conversion. 

Energy in sunlight→ electric energy 

Concept: Power Generation Plant Based on Energy of Natural Gas
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