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Which Type of Inheritance Out of the Following Is Illustrated in the Above Example and Write the Name of All the Member Which Are Directly Accessible by the Member Function View() of Class Schedule. and Write the Names of All the Members, Which Are Directly Accessible by the Object S of Class Schedule Declared in the Main() Function. - Computer Science (C++)

Answer the question (i)  to (iv) based on the following:

class Teacher
   int TCode;
      char Name[20];
      void Enter() ; void Show();

class Course
   int ID;
      Char Title[30];
      void Initiate();
      void Display();

class Schedule : public Course, private Teacher
    int DD, MM, YYYY;
    void Start();
    void View();

void main()
   Schedule S;

1) Which type of Inheritance out of the following is illustrated in the above example?

2) Write the name of all the member which are directly accessible by the member function View() of Class Schedule.

3) Write the names of all the members, which are directly accessible by the object S of Class Schedule declared in the main() function.

4) What will be the order of execution of the constructors, when the object S of the Class Schedule Schedule is declared inside the main() function?

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1) Multiple Inheritance

2) DD,MM,YYYY, Title[30], Name[20]

3) Start (), View(), Initiate(), Display(), Enter(), Show()

4) Schedule (), Course(), Teacher()

Concept: Inheritance in C++
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