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Which of the Two, IQ or EQ, Do You Think Would Be More Related to Success in Life and Why? - Psychology

Short Note

Which of the two, IQ or EQ, do you think would be more related to success in life and why?

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I think EQ is more related to success in life. IQ only measures our intelligence potential which has no direct relationship to our present intelligence while EQ is a measure of a person's level of emotional intelligence which refers the ability to perceive, control, evaluate and express emotions.

A good IQ may determine you better academic performance and advanced degree but the success means nothing if you have no-one to share your successes with. Person with high IQ are extremely talented and have good academic but are not able to be successful because they experience problems in family relations, workplace and interpersonal relationships. Hence, they are not able to manage these and have low performance.

There is increasing evidence which shows leadership positions in companies require EQ as well as conventional qualifications. If a university student does not develop good EQ skills, they may be limiting their future potential. Some students may have received good grades in school exams, but without EQ, they will not be able to function well in higher education or the adult world.

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NCERT Class 12 Psychology Textbook
Chapter 1 Variations in Psychological Attributes
Exercise | Q 10 | Page 21
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