Which two banks were merged with Bank of Baroda with effect from 1st April 2019? - General Test


Which two banks were merged with Bank of Baroda with effect from 1st April 2019?


  • Allahabad Bank and Canara Bank 

  • Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank

  • Syndicate Bank and UCO Bank 

  • Union Bank of India and Andhra Bank



Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank


As of April 1st, 2019, Bank of Baroda combined with Vijaya Bank, Dena Bank, and other financial institutions.

Concept: Economic Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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In a major relief to micro, small and medium enterprises, the GST Council has recently increased the tax exemption limit per annum to:

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Which is the happiest country as per the 2019 World Happiness Index?

Choose the appropriate alternative:
The Headquarters of the Asian Development Bank is situated in

Which is the single policy rate to unambiguously signal the stance of monetary policy as recently recommended by RBI? 

Choose the most appropriate option.
How many billionaires India has lost since demonetization on November 8, 2016?

Choose the most appropriate option.
India emerged as ___________ largest holder of the U.S Government Securities at the end of 2016:

Choose the most appropriate option:

In 2015, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launched a new campaign, "Start up India, Stand up India". The campaign is aimed at:

Mark the best option:
Which Indian company has become the first-ever Indian quasi-sovereign to issue a Masala bond on London Stock Exchange(LSE)?

Mark the best option:
The ___________________on 17 August 2016 was incorporated. In this regard, it has received the Certificate of Incorporation (CI)from the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs under the Companies Act, 2013.

Mark the best option:
Reserve Bank of India plans to open “Islamic window” in the conventional banking system. The Islam Window is based on the concept of____________?

The scarcity definition of economics is credited to

India's economic planning CANNOT be said to be:

For which crop, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, CCEA, has increased the Minimum Support Price (MSP)?

Mark the best option:
With which of the given organization, India has planned to host a conference on counter-radicalization?

Government has allowed _______________ FDI in operations of white level ATMs.

Which is the only industrialised country of the world that did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol?

Choose the appropriate alternative.
How many banks have merged with SBI with effect from October 2017?

BookMyShow and PayTM are examples of _________ and ___________ wallets, respectively.

A wealth tax on the agricultural property is levied by

Economic growth rate projected by the IMF for India in the  fiscal year 2014-15 is

The index titled SENSEX of BSE (erstwhile Bombay Stock Exchange) is an index of trading of top ______ companies in terms of their volume of trade and their share prices.

Which of the following best represents the concept of Net Domestic Product (NOP)?

Which of the following bodies recommends nummum support price for crops?

When was Reserve Bank of India established?

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) increased the Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) of cotton (long staple) to ₹ _______ per quintal for marketing season 2020-21.

Which country is hosting the World Sustainable Development Summit 2022?

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas has been named as the new Chief Economist of which international body?

India adopted the ‘Digital Work Plan 2022’ along with which bloc?

The G-20 group has how many members as its leaders?

What is the full foam of IFFCO?


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