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Which Transition Metal of 3d Series Has Positive E° (M2+/M) Value and Why? - Chemistry

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Which transition metal of 3d series has positive E° (M2+/M) value and why?

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Copper is the transition metal of 3d series that exhibits positive E0(M2+/M). The value of E0(M2+/M) for copper  is  (+0.34). This happens because the E0(M2+/M) value of a metal depends on the energy changes involved in the following:
1.    Sublimation energy: The energy required for converting one mole of an atom from the solid state to the gaseous state.
        M(s) M(g)                                ΔsH (Sublimation energy)
2.    Ionisation energy: The energy required to take out electrons from one mole of atom in the isolated gaseous state.
         M(g)  M2+(g)                         ΔiH (Ionisation energy)
3.    Hydration energy: The energy released when one mole of ions are hydrated.
         M2+(g) M2+(aq)                     ΔhydH (Hydration energy)
Since, copper has a high energy of atomisation and low hydration energy, the E0(M2+/M) value for copper is positive.

Concept: Electronic Configurations of the D-block Elements
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