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Which Projects Will You Run in Relation to Environmental Conservation? How? - Science and Technology 2

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Short Note

Which projects will you run in relation to environmental conservation? How?

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Environmental conservation is a broad term that refers to the actions we take in order to protect our planet and conserve its natural resources. Environment conservation can have various components like conservation of forests, conservation of water resources, etc. There are various projects which can be carried out to conserve our environment: 

Water conservation- 
Conservation of water is of utmost importance for human survival because almost all forms of life depend on water. Conservation of water is essential for securing food grain production and sustaining various life-forms. In order to conserve water, we can run programs on various levels to bring awareness about water conservation and its methods. The most talked-about method is rainwater harvesting. We can persuade people to practice rainwater harvesting and the government can provide loans and expert advice for this purpose. 

Forest conservation-
Forest conservation not only deals with the conservation of trees of a forest but it also implies the protection of wildlife that exists there. Forest is a huge resource of wood and other products which is why they are exploited at a greater scale. In order to protect forests, the government and the public need to work in harmony. We need to start projects which ou aimed at recycling products like paper etc. so that fewer trees are cut down. We need to take responsibility that the loss of forest cover is destroyed for urbanization projects.
We need to start projects which highlight the importance of sustainable development and how we can achieve that.

Concept: Environmental Conservation
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