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Which Particular Laws/Acts Created a Favourable Environment for Protection of Freedom of Women and Secure Their Development ? - History and Political Science

Short Note

Which particular Laws/Acts created a favourable environment for protection of freedom of women and secure their development?

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i) Reforms such as widow remarriage, women education and right to vote to women were possible due to the work of these reformists. After independence, the Constitution gave equal rights to women in all fields.
ii) In spite of this women were not treated equally in several fields.
iii) During this period women’s movement aimed at freedom of women. The movement demanded that the women should be treated as human beings.
iv) Women started taking initiative in Organising against injustice.
v) Today women’s movement face the challenge of equal education for women and giving women a status and prestige as human beings.

Concept: Important Movements in India - Women’s Movement
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