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Which Part of the Plant is Best Suited for Making Virus-free Plants and Why - Biology

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Which part of the plant is best suited for making virus-free plants and why?

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Solution 1

Apical and axillary meristems of plants is used for making virus-free plants. In a diseased plant, only this region is not infected by the virus as compared to the rest of the plant region. Hence, the scientists remove axillary and apical meristems of the diseased plant and grow it in vitro to obtain a disease-free and healthy plant.

Virus-free plants of banana, sugarcane, and potato have been obtained using this method by scientists.

Solution 2

The apical or axillary meristems are best suited for making virus free plants because they are generally free from virus.

Concept: Tissue Culture
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NCERT Class 12 Biology
Chapter 9 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
Q 9 | Page 178

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