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Which One of the Following is the Correct Position of Mercedes ? - Logical Reasoning


In an Exhibition seven cars of different companies - Cadillac, Ambassador, Fiat, Maruti, Mercedes, Bedford and Fargo are standing facing to east in the following order :

  • Cadillac is next to right of Fargo.
  • Fargo is fourth to the right of Fiat.
  • Maruti car is between Ambassador and Bedford.
  • Fiat which is third to the left of Ambassador is at one end.

Which one of the following is the correct position of Mercedes?


  • Next to the left of Cadillac

  • Next to the left of Bedford

  • Between Bedford and Fargo

  • Fourth to the right of Maruti.

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Fourth to the right of Maruti.

Concept: Sitting Arrangement
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