Which One of the Following Countries Has the Longest International Boundary with India? - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Which one of the following countries has the longest international boundary with India?


  • Bangladesh

  • Bhutan

  • China

  • Pakistan




Concept: Geography Current Affair (Enterance Exam)
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___________ is the fastest planet to revolve around the Sun.

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In which state of India “The world’s first Genetic Garden of Halophytes (naturally occurring salt-tolerant plants)” was inaugurated?

An example of air-breathing fish which is modified for aestivation is

Bats can hunt in dark by the help of their

Where is the Loktak Lake situated?

India lies in the hemisphere

The position of a planet when it is nearest to the Sun is called

Which one of the following is a 'cold water's current?

The canal Joining Baltic Sea to the North Sea is

The busiest and the most important route of the world is

On which of the following planets of the solar system does the sunrise in the West and set in the East?

Which layer of atmosphere helps into communication?

The smallest Union Territory is

Which one of the following is the junction point of the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats?

The line demarcating the boundaries of India and China is known as

Tides in the sea have stored in them

High sea is

A cyclone is a system of wind in which the wind blows spirally

Contour bunding is used

Periyar Wild-Life sanctuary is situated in the State of

Which state in India has the highest literacy rate?

What do you call one of the most famous constellations that we can see during summer time in the early part of the night?

The Deccan Plateau is a triangular-shaped plateau and is bounded by the ______ range in the North.

What is the approximate length of India's coastline, including island territories'?

Which of the following states is not a member of 'Seven Sisters' states of north-East India?

Which of the following National Highway passing through the Kaziranga National Park is imposing key threat for the wildlife?

Which BIMSTEC members are NOT participating in China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)?

In which of the following states is the Ramsar Wetland Site named Renuka Wetland located?

Oltet river valley, which was seen in the news recently, is located in which country?

Tadoba -Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in which of the following Indian state?


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