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Which One of the Above Statements is Best Described as an Assertion of Opinion Rather than an Assertion of Fact? - Logical Reasoning

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In this question, assume that a `fact' expresses something that can be proved by clear and objective data. An opinion expresses a judgment, view, attitude, or conclusion that is not backed by data.

'(A) The number of people migrating into Bengalum has increased significantly in recent years.

(B) This is because Bengaluro provides more economic opportunities than the towns and villages from which these migrants come.

(C) This sudden influx of migrants has made the city less pleasant to live in.

(D) The success of the government's rural employment guarantee act might have the effect of stemming some rural-urban migration.' 

Which one of the above statements is best described as an assertion of opinion rather than an assertion of fact?


  • A

  • B

  • C

  • D

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What is more pleasant to live and what is less pleasant is a subjective issue and the answer about it may very from subject to subject. It cannot be verified. Thus, it is not a fact but an opinion.

Concept: Assertion (Entrance Exam)
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