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Which of the Following Views, If True, Would Weaken the Argument of the Above Passage? - Logical Reasoning



'Poverty is ... more restrictive and limiting than anything else. Its poverty and low standards continue then democracy, for all its fine institutions and ideals, ceases to be a liberating force. It must therefore aim continuously at the eradication of poverty and its companion unemployment. In other words, political democracy is not enough. It must develop into economic democracy also'.

Which of the following views, if true, would weaken the argument of the above passage?


  • Political democracy is inseparable from economic democracy

  • Poverty does not in fact restrict freedom

  • Democracy flourishes most in poor societies

  • Economic democracy is a necessary condition for the elimination of unemployment


Political democracy is inseparable from economic democracy


It is stated that democracy is inseparable from economic democracy i.e. they always co-exist. Hence, it weakens the argument

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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