Which of the Following Rivers Does Not Originate in India - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Which of the following rivers does not originate in India


  • Beas

  • Chenab

  • Ravi

  • Sutlej




Concept: Geography Current Affair (Enterance Exam)
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The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in south India is called

Which of the following is a non-metal that remains liquid at room temperature?

What are comets?

Which one of the following is a 'cold water's current?

Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

Which of the following river makes Estuary?

Match the following

  List I   List II
A Manas 1 Hangul
B Dachigam 2 Elephant
C Mudumalai 3 Tiger
D kaziranga 4 Rhinoceros


  A B C D
(a) 1 2 3 4
(b) 3 1 2 4
(c) 2 4 3 1
(d) 1 3 2 4

The Vindhyas belong to which class of mountains?

Which of the following two places are connected by the road in India, which is constructed on the highest altitude in the world?

The river Brahmaputra turns into India around which of the following mountains?

The line demarcating the boundaries of India and China is known as

What is the difference between a geyser and a hot spring?

Weight of the body is

The total surface area of Earth is

Which of the following is the biggest?

The World's largest river is

Exfoliation in granite is regarded as a process of

 If Greenwich Mean Time is ahead by 12 hours, the place  may be (10=4 minutes)

The orbit of the earth is an ellipse and not a circle. The distance between earth and sun thus varies. On January 3, the earth is closest to the Sun (Perihelion). Similarly, the earth is said  to be at Aphelion, when it is farthest from the sun on

The Earth Hour Day is marked every year on which day?

Which of the following is India's biggest River Island?

Which state in India has the highest literacy rate?

Dolomite is an ore of ______.

Generally, a sleep hill with an elevation of more than ______ metres is classified as a mountain.

Which country's President made an underwater speech to call for stronger action to protect oceans in 2019?

Which famous landmark is present between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie?

Which of the following is the highest mountain in Bhutan?

Tadoba -Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in which of the following Indian state?

Guru Shikhar is highest point of which mountain range?


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