Which of the Following Reasons Was Mainly Responsible for the Unpopularity of Muhammad-bin-tughlaq? - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Which of the following reasons was mainly responsible for the unpopularity of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq?


  • Bad luck

  • Lack of resources

  • Subordination of the theologians

  • Transfer of capital from Delhi to Devagiri



Transfer of capital from Delhi to Devagiri


In 1327, Muhammad bin Tughluq passed an order to shift the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad (in present-day Maharashtra) in the Deccan region of South India.  Tughluq said that it would help him to establish control over the fertile land of the Deccan plateau. Even though the citizens migrated, they showed dissent. In the process, many died on the road due to hunger and exhaustion.

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