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Which of the Following Options is the Closest to the Average Number of Dolls Manufactured by These Six Companies Mentioned Above? - Mathematics

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Direction:  Answer the question on the basis of the information given below.

The table given below shows information about the toys manufactured by 6 different companies. Each company manufactures only two types of toys – vehicles and dolls. Among toy vehicles each company manufactures Cars and Trucks only. The table shows the number of toy vehicles as a percentage of total toys manufactured by each company. It also shows the ratio of Cars and Trucks manufactured. Each company manufactured a total of 50000 toys in a year.

Company Toy vehicles  Cars : Trucks  
R 50 %  1:4
S 70% 3:1
T 40% 1:1
U 30% 1:2
V 60% 2:3
W 40% 2:1

Which of the following options is the closest to the average number of dolls manufactured by these six companies mentioned above?


  • 20900

  • 25900

  • 28800

  • 15800

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According to the information given in the table, the average number of toy dolls manufactured by these six companies can be calculated as: 

`1/6 xx [(50 + 30 + 60 + 70 + 40 + 60)/100 xx 50000] = 25833`

∴ The number of toy dolls, cars and trucks manufactured by company V are 20000 dolls, 12000 cars and 18000 trucks.

Hence, 25900 is closest to this value.

Concept: Graph and Charts (Entrance Exam)
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