Which of the Following Means 'I is the Nephew of Q'?(I) Q% J = I (Ii) Q/M × B% I (Iii) Q/I = B% Q - Logical Reasoning

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Read the following information carefully to choose best option for the question.

  • 'M% L' means that M is brother of L.
  • 'L × M' means that L is mother of M.
  • 'L/ M' means that L is sister of M.
  • 'L = M' means that L is father of M.

 Which of the following means 'I is the nephew of Q'?

(i) Q% J = I

(ii) `"Q"/"M" × "B"% "I"`

(iii) `"Q"/"I" = "B" % "Q"`


  • Only iii

  • Only i

  • Only ii

  • None of these

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Only ii


From (i),

Q % J = I

Gender of I cannot be determined.

From ii,

`"Q"/"M" xx "B" % "I"`

So, from the above diagram, I is the nephew of Q.

Concept: Blood Relationships (Entrance Exam)
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