Which of the Following· Lawyers Approached the Supreme Court Challenging the Existing System of 'Designation of Senior Advocates'? - Legal Reasoning

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Which of the following lawyers approached the Supreme Court challenging the existing system of 'designation of Senior Advocates'?


  • Meenakashi Lekhi

  • Vrinda Grover

  • Indira Jaisingh

  • Meenakshi Arora

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Indira Jaisingh


Indira Jaising is an advocate of the Supreme Court of India. She is a lawyer noted for legal activism in promoting human rights causes. In her petition, she had questioned the discrimination meted out to capable advocates when it comes to "giving them the gown". She had alleged violation of Article 14 and 15 by the Supreme Court in the procedure followed for designating lawyers as Senior Advocates.

Concept: Important Court Decisions (Entrance Exams)
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