Which of the Following is the Correct Statement? - Logical Reasoning


Read the information given below to answer the question.

(i) Kareena's dieting schedule consists of having only one fruit on a given day of the week.

(ii) Dietician has prescribed banana, papaya, pomegranate, apple and grape from Sunday to Friday, one day being a fasting day. Kareena cannot eat any fruit on Saturday.

(iii) Pomegranate day is neither on the first day nor on the last day but earlier than the papaya day.

(iv) Apple day is on the immediate next day of papaya day.

(v) Banana day is on the immediate previous day of the fasting day.

(vi) Apple day and grape day must have a gap of two days between them.

(vii) Grape day is the day immediately following the fasting day.

Which of the following is the correct statement?


  • Apple day is after papaya day

  • Banana day is on Wednesday

  • Fasting day is on Tuesday

  • Papaya day is earlier than banana day



Apple day is after papaya day


The arrangement of Kareena’s dieting schedule is  as follows:

Day Fruits
Sunday Banana
Monday Fasting day
Tuesday Grapes
Wednesday Pomegranate
Thursday Papaya
Friday Apple
Saturday Cannot eat fruit

Apple day is after papaya day is the correct statement. 

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