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Which of the Following Is/Are True About Methanol Based Economy? Economy? I. Future Economy in Which Dimethyl Ether Replace Fossil Fuels as a Means of Energy Storage. - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge

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Which of the following is/are true about Methanol based  Economy?

I. Future economy in which dimethyl ether replace  fossil fuels as a means of energy storage.
II. It offers an alternative to the proposed hydrogen  economy or ethanol economy. 
III. China is the world’s largest producer of methanol. 
IV. Menthol cannot be made by chemical recycling of  carbon-dioxide.


  • I, II

  • II, III

  • III, IV

  • I, II, III

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Explanation: Methanol can be produced from Natural Gas, Indian  High Ash Coal, Biomass, etc. It can also be produced from renewable sources such as biomass and recycled carbon dioxide. NITI Aayog has planned to substitute  10% of Crude imports by 2030, by Methanol alone.  Thus India can potentially reduce its fuel bill by 30%  by 2030. China is the world s largest producer of methanol. Currently, Methanol accounts for almost 9%  of transport fuel in China.

Concept: Economic Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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