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Which of the Following Combination is True for A? - Logical Reasoning

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Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

(i) Five friends A, B, C, D and E travelled to five different cities of Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad by different modes of transport viz. bus, train, aeroplane, car and boat from Mumbai.

(ii) The person who travelled to Delhi did not travel by boat.

(iii) C went to Bengaluru by car and B went to Kolkata by aeroplane.

(iv) D travelled by boat whereas E travelled by train.

(v) Mumbai is not connected by bus to Delhi and Chennai.

Which of the following combination is true for A?


  • Delhi - Bus

  • Chennai- Bus

  • Hyderabad - Bus

  • Hyderabad - Car

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Hyderabad - Bus


According to the given information, the  arrangement is as following: 

Person A B C D E
City Hyderabad Kolkata Benguluru Chennai Delhi
Mode of transport Bus Aeroplane Car Boat Train

Hyderabad - Bus is correct. 

Concept: Problem Solving Ability (Entrance Exam)
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