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Which News Corporation Was Recently Alleged to Have Been Using Illicit Hacking into Voice- Mail Messages of Prominent People to Find Stories? - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge

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Which news corporation was recently alleged to have been using illicit hacking into voice- mail messages of prominent people to find stories?


  • News of the World (NoW)

  • BBC

  • CNN

  • AajTak

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News of the World (NoW)

Explanation: The News of the World was a national red top newspaper published in the United Kingdom from 1843  to 2011. From 2006, allegations of phone hacking began to engulf the newspaper. These culminated in the revelation on 4 July 2011 that, nearly a decade earlier, a private investigator hired by the newspaper had intercepted the voicemail of missing British teenager  Milly Dowler, who was later found murdered

Concept: Static General Knowledge (Entrance Exam)
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