Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 8th Standard
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Which Measures Will You Arrange to Minimize the Environmental Problems Arising Due to Non-degradable Plastic? - Science

Answer in Brief

Which measures will you arrange to minimize the environmental problems arising due to non-degradable plastic?

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measures will you arrange to minimize the environmental problems arising due to non-degradable plastic are as follows:
1. We must reduce our plastic dependency:
We use an incredible quantity of single-use plastic items, such as straws, plastic bags, packaging, plastic cups, plates and cutlery. We must put an end to it. An increasing number of countries have now imposed a ban on disposable plastics and plastic bags or established concrete targets for reducing plastic consumption and waste.
2. Increase fees and taxes on polluting plastics:
Most of the plastics used today are produced from oil and are a source of both climate emissions and pollution. Governments need to investigate and implement a tax or fee on polluting plastics. The fees must be changed so that recycled plastic becomes cheaper than fossil.
3. Increased waste management where the problem is greatest:
The bulk of plastic waste comes from developing countries. Rapid population growth and a swelling middle class mean the consumption of plastic is increasing faster than the capacity to handle the plastic waste, and therefore much of the excess ends up in the sea. To develop a waste management and recycling infrastructure.
4. Increased mapping, surveillance and research:
There is still much we do not know about the plastic problem. Researchers estimate that more than 70 per cent of the plastic ends up on the seafloor. Over time, it breaks down into tiny particles, but we do not know what happens to this material or how to get rid of it. The efforts to map and monitor, as well as to conduct research on the negative effects, must be strengthened.
5. Stop the flow of plastic waste into the sea:
the plastic in the ocean is suspected to come from activities and industry on land. This can include everything from car tyres, technical sports equipment and fleece clothing, to cigarette butts and cotton buds. Everyone should contribute to the solution. For example, you can participate in clean-up operations, cut your own plastic consumption and of course always pick up any garbage you find along your way.
6. Increased funds for clean-up:
To solve the plastic problem, we must ensure that action and clean-up operations are undertaken in areas where the problem is the greatest. Much of the work, however, is hampered due to the lack of financial resources. By establishing a global ocean fund, with waste management and clean-up of marine areas high on the agenda, we will be one step closer towards the goal: a future without plastic and marine pollution in our ocean.

Concept: Man-made Fibre: Plastics
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Balbharati General Science 8th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 17 Man made Materials
Exercise | Q 5.2 | Page 121
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