Which Groups of French Society Benefited from the Revolution? Which Groups Were Forced to Relinquish Power? Which Sections of Society Would Have Been Disappointed with the Outcome of the Revolution? - Social Science

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Which groups of French society benefited from the revolution? Which groups were forced to relinquish power? Which sections of society would have been disappointed with the outcome of the revolution?



The richer members of the third estate (the middle class) benefitted the most from the French Revolution. The clergy and the nobility were forced to relinquish power. The poorer sections of society and women would have been disappointed with the outcome of the revolution as the promise of equality was not fulfilled in full measure at the end of the revolution.

Concept: French Society During the Late Eighteenth Century
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Chapter 1: The French Revolution - Exercises [Page 24]


NCERT Class 9 (Social Science) History - India and the Contemporary World 1
Chapter 1 The French Revolution
Exercises | Q 2 | Page 24

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