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Which of the Following Statement is Incorrect? (A) All Green Plants and Blue Green Algae Are Producers (B) Green Plants Get Their Food from Readymade Organic Compounds (C) Producers Prepare Their Own Food from Inorganic Compounds (D) Plants Convert Solar Energy into Chemical Energy - Science

Which of the following statement is incorrect?
(a) all green plants and blue green algae are producers
(b) green plants get their food from readymade organic compounds
(c) producers prepare their own food from inorganic compounds
(d) plants convert solar energy into chemical energy

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 Green plants get their food from readymade organic compounds.
This is an incorrect statement as green plants prepare their food themselves; they do not get readymade organic compounds as their food.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 5 Our Environment
Q 61 | Page 229
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