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Which of the Following Methods Can Be Used to Measure the Speed of Light in Water? - Physics


Which of the following methods can be used to measure the speed of light in water?


  • Roemer method

  • Fizeau method

  • Foucault method

  •  Michelson method

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Foucault method

Foucault method can be used to measure the speed of light in water. One of the advantage of this method is that one can put some transparent medium (or water) between two mirrors to measure the speed of light in that medium (or water).  Foucault observed that the velocity of light in water is less than that in the air.​

Concept: Speed of Light
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 21 Speed of Light
MCQ | Q 3 | Page 448
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