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Which of the following materials fall in the category of a “pure

(a) Ice

(b) Milk

(c) Iron

(d) Hydrochloric Acid

(e) Calcium oxide

(f) Mercury

(g) Brick

(h) Wood

(i) Air



The following materials fall in the category of a “pure substance”:

(a) Ice

(c) Iron

(d) Hydrochloric acid

(e) Calcium oxide

(f) Mercury

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Chapter 2: Is Matter around us Pure - Exercises [Page 29]


NCERT Science Class 9
Chapter 2 Is Matter around us Pure
Exercises | Q 7 | Page 29


The smallest unit of matter that exists freely in nature is called ...........

Intermolecular force of attraction is maximum in ............ less in .......... and the least in .............

The inter-molecular force is maximum in

The inter-molecular space is maximum in

Define the term matter. What is it composed of?

What do you mean by the inter-molecular spaces? How do they vary in different states of matter?

Liquids have definite volume but do not have definite shape.

Gases have definite volume but no definite shape.

Liquids have definite shape and definite volume.

Name the processes involved in two cases.

Differentiate between an atom and a molecule.

Fill in the blank :

The substances which can flow are called ________

Name the terms for the change of a solid into liquid.

Name the terms for the particles of matter which may or may not have independent existence.

 Name the terms for the change of vapour into a liquid.

Give one difference between atoms and molecules.

What are the two conditions for the interconversion of states of matter ?

Define the following term  of Matter .

Define the following term  of Atom .

Fill in the blank

Any matter which has a definite _______ but no definite shape is called a _______

Fill in the blank

All matter is made up of tiny particles called ______

Fill in the blank

Liquids have a definite ______

Write true or false for each statement. Rewrite the false statement correctly.

Matter cannot exist in different states.

Which one is a kind of matter:

All kinds of matter

A kind of matter which can sublime is

Name two processes which provide the best evidence for the motion of particles in matter.

State two characteristics of matter demonstrated by Brownian motion.

Which of the following is a mixture ?

Salt, Air, Water, Alum, Sugar

Name one solid, one liquid and one gaseous non-metal.

What elements do the following compounds contain ?

Sugar, Common salt

State two physical properties on the basis of which metals can be distinguished from non-metals.

State any two properties for believing that aluminium is a metal.

Give reason why copper metal is used for making electric wires.

Give reason why graphite is used for making elecrode in a dry cell.

Name a non-metal :

  1. which is lustrous
  2. which is required for combustion
  3. whose one of the allotrophic forms is a  good conductor of electricity. Name the allotrope.
  4. other than carbon which shows allotropy
  5. which is known to form the largest number of compounds

Which one of the following is not a metalloid ?

There are three substances X, Y and Z. The substance X does not have a fixed melting point or boiling point and it still shows the individual properties of its constituents. The substance Y is a pure substance which occurs in nature as such. The substance Y has a fixed melting point and boiling point but it cannot be broken down into simpler substances by any chemical means. The substance Z is also a pure substance whose properties are entirely different from those of its constituents. The substance Z can, however, be divided by electrolysis into two substances which belong to the same class of substances as Y.

  1. What type of substance could X be ? Name one substance like X.
  2. What type of substance could Y be ? Name one substance like Y.
  3. What type of substance could Z be ? Name one substance like Z.
  4. Which process involves absorption or release of an appreciable amount of energy : formation of substance X or formation of substance Z ?
  5. Name the three groups into which all the substances like Y are divided on the basis of their properties.

Out of a colloid, solution and a suspension :

which one has the largest particles ?

Fill in the following blank :

Milk is a .................... solution but vinegar is a .................... solution.

100 mL of water at room temperature of 25°C is taken in a beaker and a little of solid S is dissolved in it by stirring to obtain a solution X. More and more of solid S is added to the solution with constant stirring, while keeping the temperature of solution constant at 30°C. After some time it is observed that no more solid dissolves in water and at the same time some solid is also left undissolved at the bottom of the beaker.

  1. The contents of beaker are filtered through a filter paper to obtain solution Y in the form of a filtrate.
  2. What name is given to solutions like X ?
  3. What name is given to solutions like Y ?
  4. What will you observe if the solution Y at 30°C is cooled down to 10°C by keeping the beaker in crushed ice ? Why ?
  5. What term is used to denote the amount of solid dissolved in 100 grams of water in a solution lie Y ?

Name the process you would use to separate a mixture of water and alcohol.

What difference in the properties of oil and water enable their separation by a separating funnel ?

The best way to recover sugar from an aqueous sugar solution is :

What difference in the properties of common salt and sand would enable you to separate a mixture of these two substances ?

Explain the meaning of the term matter with special reference to the term ‘substance’.

Explain the meaning of the term ‘matter’.

Differentiate between the-two characteristics of matter – ‘mass’ & ‘weight’.

Select the correct answer from A, B, C, D & E for the statement given below:

An atom or group of atoms _________ having a resultant charge.

We need to make a sherbet quickly for some guests. But we only have sugar candy in the house.

We need to rub salt on a corncob but only salt crystals are available.

Write a few lines on the blackboard with a chalk. Now observe the chalk. What changes do you see in the chalk?

Wipe the board with a duster and then tap the duster against the table. What do you see?

If there is a sudden shower, we take shelter under a roof at the roadside. Even though the rain does not fall on us directly, we get wet to some extent. Why ?

Asmita went to buy an earthen pot. There she saw many things kept for sale.
How did she identify what she needed?

Asmita went to buy an earthen pot. There she saw many things kept for sale.
From what substance has the potter made all the things?

Asmita went to buy an earthen pot. There she saw many things kept for sale.
What is the difference between a substance and an object?

Matter is made up of ______.

Complete the given analogy.

Murukku from hot oil: ______:: Coffee powder residue from decoction: ______

The property which allows the metals to be hammered into their sheets is ______.

Name the metals that are used in jewellery.

Why wires cannot be drawn from materials such as stone or wood?

All the matter made of ______.

______ is a smallest particle.

The particles in the matter are extremely small and can be seen even with a powerful microscope.

Stars including Sun are covered in ______.

A standard sheet of paper is about ______ of atoms thick

What type of matter glass is?

The most reactive metal is ______.

Atoms or groups of atoms having a charge are called ______.

______ is so hard that it can scratch glass.

Celsius scale is a scale of temperature in which zero represents the melting point of ice and 100 represents the boiling point of water.

The movement of particles in liquids is ______.

A teabag placed in a cup of hot water will diffuse into the water.

Higher the temperature, the higher the kinetic energy of particles.

Solids do not flow.

The pressure of gases does not depend on the temperature of the gas and the volume it occupies.

______ is used for industrial refrigeration and transporting frozen food.

The phenomenon of Evaporation takes place at the ______ of a liquid.

Examples of foam are ______.

Give an example of liquid in gas.

Define the term matter.

Write a scientific reason.

Lemon sherbat has a sweet, sour and salty taste and it can be poured in a glass.

Write scientific reason.

Lemon sherbat has sweet, sour and salty taste and it can be poured in a glass.

Define the term matter.


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