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Which of the Following Do You like Most? Write One Or Two Sentences Comparing Your Choice as Shown in the Example. - English Core

Fill in the Blanks

Which of the following do you like most? Write one or two sentences
comparing your choice as shown in the example.

Comics, sfwrt stories, novels
I like comics most because they have the most colourful pictures. They are also the funniest.
I like short stories most because they don't take much time to read.
I like novels most because they make the most interesting reading.
  1. Cricket, football, hockey
  2. Fruit, chocolate, ice-cream
  3. Theatre, TV, Cinema
  4. Cartoon films, Sci-fi(ScienceFiction) films, comedy films
  5. (Think of three items of your own)
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  1. I like cricket best because it is easier to play than football and hockey. It is also the most interesting.
  2. I like fruit best because it is more nutritious than chocolate and ice-cream. It is also the freshest.
  3. I like TV the most because it provides more comfort than theatre and cinema. Also, it suits me the most in terms of time.
  4. I like comedy films best because they are lighter in taste than cartoon films and Sci-fi (Science Fiction) films. They are also the most laughable.
  5. (i) Teaching, journalism, farming :
        I like teaching best because it is easier than journalism and              farming. It is also the most interesting

          (ii) Sailing, skiing, canoeing :
            I like skiing best because it is more adventurous than sailing                   and canoeing. It is also the most interesting.

           (iii) Reading, singing, playing :
               I like reading best because it is more exciting than playing                    and sleeping. It is also the most refreshing.

Concept: Writing Skill
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative Work Book (Interact in English)
Chapter 8 Comparison (Integrated Grammar practice 4)
Exercise E | Q 2 | Page 153
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