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Which Day is Social Science Day? - Logical Reasoning



Instructions for Question: Read the information given below to answer the question.

(i) Mohan‘s reading schedule consists of reading only subject on a given day of the week.  

(ii) The subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and Social Science.

(iii) Monday to Saturday are reading days including one day only for play. Sunday is a complete holiday for Mohan.  

(iv) Mathematics day is neither on the first day nor on the last day but earlier than the Chemistry day.

(v) Biology day is on the immediate next day of Chemistry day.

(vi) Physics day is on the immediate previous day of the play day. (vii) Biology day and Social Science day have a gap of two days between them.

(viii) Social Science day is on the immediate next day of the play day. 

Which day is Social Science day? 


  • Monday 

  • Tuesday 

  • Wednesday 

  • Thursday 




Day Subject
Monday Physics
Tuesday Play day
Wednesday Social Science
Thusrsday Mathematics
Friday Chemistry
Saturday Biology
Concept: Analytical and Logical Reseasoning
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