Which Article Provides Special Provisions for the State of Mizoram? - Legal Reasoning


Which article provides special provisions for the state of Mizoram?


  • Article 371 E

  • Article 371 F

  • Article 371 G

  • Article 371 H



Article 371 G

Concept: Indian Constitution (Entrance Exams)
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In accordance with the provisions of our Constitution, new all-India Services can be created only by the 

Who can recommend abolition or creation of the Legislative Council in a State?

Choose the best option for the following statement:

No one can be compelled to sing the National Anthem since: 

1. It will be violative of the right to freedom of speech and expression.
2. It will be violative of the right to freedom of conscience and practice & propagation of religion.
3. There is no legal provision obliging anyone to sing the National Anthem.

As per Indian Protocol, who among the following ranks highest in the order of precedence?

India and Britain recently Signed an "extradition treaty" Extradition means-

What does FIR stand for under the Criminal Law?

Which article is related to "Equal Justice and free legal aid"?

How many articles are in the Constitution of India now?

Which of the following act empowered the Constituent Assemblies of both the dominions to legislate for their respective territories?

At the time of the enactment of the Constitution, which one of the following idea was not included in the Preamble?

In the question given below are two statements labelled as Assertion (A) and Reason (R). In the context of the two statements, which of the following is correct?
Assertion (A): If the Constitution is flexible, it may be playing at the whims and caprices of the ruling party.
Reason (R): The framers of the Indian Constitution were keen to avoid excessive rigidity.

It is compulsory termination of Indian citizenship by Central Government if one

  1. has obtained citizenship by fraud.
  2. has shown disloyalty to the Constitution of India.
  3. has been ordinarily resident out of India for 7 years continuously.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

Which of the following committee was set-up by the Government of India on Indian Diaspora?

The Fundamental Rights to the Constitution are inspired from which of the following Constitution of the world?

Which type of government is provided by the Constitution in India?

In which of the following Article in the Constitution of India deals with the Parliament which consists of the President, the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha?

Which of the following is not a fundamental right in India?

The President of India is elected by an electoral college consisting of

Answer the question which follows from the application of the under mentioned legal principle.

Principle: Right to carry on any occupation, trade or business is a Fundamental Right under the Indian Constitution. The State is under an obligation under the Directive Principles of State Policy to organize agriculture and animal husbandry on scientific lines, and towards that goal, take steps to prohibit cow slaughter.

Facts: The State of X passed legislation totally prohibiting cow slaughter. A, a butcher, trading in the meat of all animals including cows, challenged this legislation as violating the fundamental right to carry on his business.

The question consists of legal propositions/ principles (hereinafter referred to as 'principle') and facts. These principles have to be applied to the given facts to arrive at the most reasonable conclusion.

Principle: Damages are the money recompense, as far as money can do, for the violation of a right.

Facts: A, an Indian citizen, have a right to vote, was not allowed to cast his vote on the polling booth, by the returning officer. Name of A was mentioned in the voter's list. A has also reported at the polling booth in time. However, the candidate in whose favour A would have cast his vote won the election. A filed a suit claiming damages.


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