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Which Are Various Ways to Minimize Stress? OR Explain four ways to minimize stress. - Science and Technology 2

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Answer in Brief

Which are various ways to minimize stress?

Explain four ways to minimize stress.

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Solution 1

Stress can be defined as the response of our body to a demand or threat and it can be both physical and mental. There are many ways of handling stress, out of which some are mentioned below:

  1. Positive thinking
  2. Indulging in favourite hobbies, such as singing, dancing, gardening, etc
  3. Going for walks and practicing meditation
  4. Playing favourite outdoor games
  5. Talking to close family members and friends

Solution 2

Some of the ways to reduce stress are as follows:

  1. Maintaining good communication and expressing our feelings to friends, peers, cousins, teachers and parents or noting them down in a diary.
  2. Utilizing the free hours in fostering hobbies like material collection, photography, reading, cooking, sculpting, drawing, making rangoli, dancing, singing, listening to music, etc.
  3. Diverting energy and mind towards positive thinking, so as to neutralize the negative thoughts. Regular exercising, getting a massage, practicing yoga, and meditation.
  4. Laughing loudly so as to relieve stress.
  5. Playing sports and outdoor games so as to involve physical exercise, inculcate discipline, increase interaction with others, drive away loneliness, etc.
  6. Inculcating traits like time management, planning of our own duties and taking own decisions.
  7. If any of the above methods fail to reduce stress and leads to more serious problems like depression and frustration, then medical help, counseling and/or psychotherapy should be taken.
Concept: Stress
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