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Which Are the People More Prone to Food Insecurity? - Social Science

Answer in Brief

Which are the people more prone to food insecurity?

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A large section of people suffer from food and nutrition insecurity in India. However, the worst affected groups are as follows:

(i) Landless and land-poor households, traditional artisans, providers of traditional services, petty self-employed workers and destitute including beggars (in the rural areas)

(ii) People employed in ill-paid occupations and casual labourers engaged in seasonal activities (in the urban areas)

(iii) People belonging to the backward sections of society, namely SCs, STs and OBCs

(iv) People belonging to economically-backward states with high incidence of poverty, tribal and remote areas and regions more prone to natural disasters

(v) People affected by natural disasters who have to migrate to other areas in search of work

(vi) Large proportion of pregnant and nursing mothers, and children under the age of 5 years

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NCERT Class 9 Social Science Economics
Chapter 4 Food Security in India
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 53
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