Which are natural disasters? - Science and Technology 2

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Which are natural disasters?



The main natural disasters are floods, wet and dry famine, cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.

Concept: Disaster
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Chapter 10: Disaster Management - Solve the following questions


SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 10th Standard SSC Science and Technology 2 Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 10 Disaster Management
Solve the following questions | Q 20


Identify the type of disaster.

Identify the type of disaster.
Soil erosion

Identify the type of disaster.

Identify the type of disaster.
Forest fire

Which of the following is man-made disaster ?

Write the causes of the following :

Land slides/building collapse

Answer the following question.

What is meant by ‘disasters’?

Answer the following question.

What are the types of disasters?

What is disaster ?

Write about any three effects of flood

Distinguish between

Flood and cyclone

Write about earthquake, its effects, and mitigation steps

Name the type of disaster.

Disaster Type
Tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquake __________
Cyclone, snow storms, droughts, floods __________
Forest fire, weed, fungal disease spreading __________
Communicable virus, bacteria, bite of poisonous animal __________
Poisonous gases, atomic test, unplanned action, accident __________

Define disaster.

What is a catastrophic disaster? Give an example.

Mention the long term effects of disaster on society.

Which are very dangerous environmental events?

A cyclone is are area of ______ pressure.

A ______ pressure area circled by high pressure is called a cyclone.

On 2nd to 3rd May ______ high-velocity dust storms swept across the parts of North India and more than 125 people died and over 200 were injured.

A ______ (or) trembling of the earth crust is called as earthquake.

Due to a strong earthquake, loss of lives, buildings, roads, bridges, and dams are damaged ______.

Write down the examples of Natural disasters.

Volcano is a ______ disaster.

Write two examples of each natural and man-made disaster.

______ is a type of geological disaster.

Observe the following images. Discuss what is shown in images, give example of such situations in India?


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