Which aerosols deplete ozone? - Chemistry

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Which aerosols deplete ozone?

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Solution 1

Freons or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are aerosols that accelerate the depletion of ozone. In the presence of ultraviolet radiations, molecules of CFCs break down to form chlorine-free radicals that combine with ozone to form oxygen.

Solution 2

Aerosols like chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s), i.e., freon (CCl2F2), depletes the ozone layer by supplying Cl* free radicals which convert O3 to O2

`.Cl(g) + O_3(g) -> ClO.(g) + O_2(g)`

`ClO.(g)+O(g) ->Cl(g) + O_2(g)`

Concept: P - Block Group 16 Elements - Ozone
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Chapter 7: The p-block Elements - Exercises [Page 207]


NCERT Class 12 Chemistry
Chapter 7 The p-block Elements
Exercises | Q 20 | Page 207

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