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Where do waves in the ocean get their energy from? - Geography

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Answer in Brief

Where do waves in the ocean get their energy from?

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Wind provides energy to the waves. Wind causes waves to travel in the ocean and the energy is released on shorelines. The motion of the surface water seldom affects the stagnant deep bottom water of the oceans. As a wave approaches the beach, it slows down. This is due to the friction occurring between the dynamic water and the seafloor. Waves continue to grow larger as they move and absorb energy from the wind. Most of the waves are caused by the wind driving against water. When a breeze of two knots or less blows over calm water, small ripples form and grow as the wind speed increases until white caps appear in the breaking waves.

Concept: Waves in Ocean Water
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NCERT Geography - Fundamentals of Physical Geography Class 11
Chapter 14 Movements of Ocean Water
Exercises | Q 2. (ii) | Page 121
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