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'Whenever Our Nation Faces a Threat, Or Some Major Calamity Happens, Don'T We All Stand Together with a Sense of Emotional Oneness to Fight Against Evil Forces and Unnatural Situations?' - English Core

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Answer in Brief

'Whenever our nation faces a threat, or some major calamity happens, don't we all stand together with a sense of emotional oneness to fight against evil forces and unnatural situations?' 

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Yes. whenever our nation faces a threat or some major calamity happens, we all stand united. It is with a sense of national oneness to fight against evil forces and disastrous situations. These may be tsunami, earthquake at Bhuj, Ladakh flash floods or Mumbai Blasts.

Date  Place Killed  Injured
July 11, 2006 7 blasts at 7 locations in local trains across the city 181 890
August 25. 2003 Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazaar 50 150
July 29, 2003 Ghatkopar 3 34
April 14, 2003 Bandra 1 0
March 13, 2003 Mulund Railway Station 11 80
January 27,2003 Vile Parle 1 25
December 6, 2002 Mumbai Central Railway Station 0 25
December 2, 2002 Ghatkopar  3 31
February 27. 1998 Virar 9 0
January 24, 1998 Malad 0 1
August 28,1997 Near Jama Masjid 0 3
March 12, 1993  13 blasts across the city 257 713

Seven blasts rocked suburban trains in Mumbai on July 11, 2006 Tuesday evening (1ST 18 : 24 to 18 : 35). The Police control room reported that 181 passengers were killed and more than 800 injured. The blasts took place in a span of 30 minutes in first class compartments of suburban trains.

As the blasts ripped apart train compartments, mangled bodies of passengers were hurled out and survivors who were bleeding profusely jostled to come out leading to chaotic scenes. The blasts occurred between 6 pm and 630 pm at Matunga, Mahim, Bandra Khar. Borivili, Jogeshwari and Mira Road railway stations.

·Rescue :
Outside the station, the roads had been cordoned off. Two fire engines were posted Two local trains were halted on either side of the bombed train. Soon after the Matunga/ Mahim blast. 20 seriously injured people were admitted in K.E.M. Hospital. A few more injured were taken to the govt hospital at Sion in central Mumbai, Bhaba Hospital and V.N. Desai Hospital from the blast sites in Mumbai suburbs. Non-government organisations were also there to help the people.

·Relief :
Drivers of private cars and taxis voluntarily transported stranded commuters to their dest inations. NGOs were out on the streets and were distributing biscuits to the hungry commuters. Those who had a narrow escape turned Samaritan with members of public by helping the injured The best part was that people came together and carried the injured to hospitals in auto-rickshaws. People living near the tracks were quite helpful They came running with bed sheets to carry the injured to the hospital in the absence of stretchers.

• Rehabilitation :
Eight -year-old Rakesh Amrit Parihar, a resident of Vashi in Navi Mumbai was admitted to Bhagwati Hospital in suburban Borivali in an unconscious state. It was due to the efforts of media that Parihar was reunited with his parents.

• Interviews with victims and volunteers :
A victim named Chandrakant Dalvi was travelling in the Western Railway local which left Churchgate at 1754 hrs as it was leaving the Mahim station on track 3 at around 6.20 pm He said he could not hear  anything in his left ear.

Nyal Chand who was also on the train said that all he saw was a bright orange spark and a loud bang. He saw a young man fall off the train due to the impact of the blast People started jumping off the moving train. According to him there were at least 15 casualties on that compartment

• Interview with volunteers :
Police constable Santosh Kandvilkar. 28, was in the Churchgate-Virar fast local He was attached to the Worli Police Station and was taking the train back home like everyday. He told that he was standing next to the exit of the first class compartment and the train was getting into the station. He heard an explosive noise. He helped many people who were bleeding though he himself was injured He had lost his hearing Now he is taking on life's challenge head on and ploughing ahead.

• United we serve :
Gruesome is too small a word to describe the bomb blasts. And for the senseless perpetrators. there can be no victory in killing innocent people. We. Indians. are so lucky only for one fact that our fellow Indians are always there to help us when we need them, more so in Mumbai. People stand together and join hand in  hand to show the anti-national, anti-human elements that 'we are not afraid'. Deep in their heart, they do believe that no one can divide them, frighten them or kill their spirits These may be natural disasters, wars or terrorist attacks. They may create hype and confusion in the minds of people for a few moments. But they cannot kill the spirit of Indians. They can not uproot the sense of brotherhood and unity

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