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When You Add About 2 Ml of Acetic Acid to a Test Tube Containing an Equal Amount of Distilled Water and Leave the Test Tube to Settle After Shaking Its Contents, What Will You Observe in the Test Tube After About 5 Minutes? - Science

When you add about 2 ml of acetic acid to a test tube containing an equal amount of distilled water and leave the test tube to settle after shaking its contents, what will you observe in the test tube after about 5 minutes?

(A) A white precipitate settling at its bottom

(B) A clear colourless solution

(C) A layer of water over the layer of acetic acid

(D) A layer of acetic acid over the layer of water

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When acetic acid and distilled water are mixed, they form a clear solution because acetic acid is completely miscible with water.

Hence, the correct option is B.

Concept: Ethanoic Acid
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