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When a Strip of Red-brown Metal X is Placed in a Colourless Salt Solution Yno3 Then Metal Y is Set Free and a Blue Coloured Salt Solution X(No3)2 is Formed. the Liberated Metal Y Forms a Shining White Deposit on the Strip of Metal X. (A) What Do You Think Metal X Is? (B) Name the Salt Yno3. (C) What Could Be Metal Y? (D) Name the Salt X(No3)2. (E) What Type of Reaction Takes Place Between Metal X and Salt Solution Yno3? - Science

When a strip of red-brown metal X is placed in a colourless salt solution YNO3 then metal Y is set free and a blue coloured salt solution X(NO3)2 is formed. The liberated metal Y forms a shining white deposit on the strip of metal X.
(a) What do you think metal X is?
(b) Name the salt YNO3.
(c) What could be metal Y?
(d) Name the salt X(NO3)2.
(e) What type of reaction takes place between metal X and salt solution YNO3?

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(a) Metal X is copper.

(b) Salt YNO3 is AgNO3.

(c) Metal Y is silver.

(d) The salt X(NO3)2 is Cu(NO3)2.

(e) Displacement reaction takes place between metal X and salt solution YNO3.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Chemistry (Science)
Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations
Q 66 | Page 50
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