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When the Magnet Shown in the Diagram Below is Moving Towards the Coil, the Galvanometer Gives a Reading to the Right. - Physics

When the magnet shown in the diagram below is moving towards the coil, the galvanometer gives a reading to the right. 


() What is the name of the effect being produced by the moving magnet?
(2) State what happens to the reading shown on the galvanometer when the magnet is moving away from the coil.
(3) The original experiment is repeated. This time the magnet is moved towards the coil at a great speed. State two changes you would notice in the reading on the galvanometer.

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(1) The effect is called electromagnetic induction. It causes production of an induced current in the coil on the movement of the magnet.
(2) The reading shown on the galvanometer will be on the left side when the magnet is moving away from the coil.
(3) Two changes noticed in the reading on the galvanometer:

  1. The deflection of galvanometer will be more to the right side.
  2. The deflection will occur more quickly.
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 2 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Q 38 | Page 105
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