When is the National Youth Day observed in India? - General Test

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When is the National Youth Day observed in India?



12 January

Concept: National Event (Entrance Exam)
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On September 28, 2018 the Supreme Court opened the Sabarimala temple to women of all ages. The decision turned [1] into war zone. Organisations opposed to the judgement started blocking women of menstrual age from entering temple. The then Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra had stated that the selective ban on women was not an "essential part" of Hinduism, and instead a form of "religious patriarchy". Massive protests were witnessed at Nilakkal and Pamba base camps on 17 October 2018, when the temple was opened for the first time after the Supreme Court verdict. Protesters reportedly assaulted women activists, journalists, and other women who were trying to enter the temple. People stole camera equipment of women journalists and even damaged a vehicle. The police were also attacked in the protest. The debate about the constitutional validity of practices entailing into restriction of entry of women generally in the place of worship is not limited to this case, but also arises in respect of entry of Muslim women in a dargah/ mosque as also in relation to Parsi women married to a non-Parsi into the holy fireplace of a/an [2]" observed the bench in a 3:2 majority decision.

Since 1951, Tranvancore Devaswom Board has restricted the entry of women of age between _____________ from entering the Sabarimala temple.

In a historic move, Parliament gave its assent to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 as it passed the Rajya Sabha test even as violent public protests broke out in the north-eastern states of Assam and Tripura over opposition to the bill. During voting in the Rajya Sabha, 125 votes went in favour of the bill and 105 against it. Despite NDA being in a minority in the Upper House, the bill received support from friendly parties including the AIADMK, which has 11 MPs in the Rajya Sabha, while the Shiv Sena walked out before voting commenced. The controversial legislation, which has been fiercely resisted by opposition parties for being unconstitutional and discriminatory, will now need President Ram Nath Kovind’s assent for it to become law. The bill was already approved by the Lok Sabha where the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is in a majority. The Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 proposes to accord citizenship to illegal _____________ migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. On 12 December 2019, President Ram Nath Kovind gave his assent to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019, turning it into a Citizenship Amendment, 2019 Act.

Under Citizenship Act, 1955, which of the following is not a ground to grant Indian Citizenship?

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Under which of the following missions, India has successfully tested its first-ever Anti-Satellite (A-SAT) Missile capability?

IRCTC has recently launched a new service called 'RuPay prepaid cards' which will enable passengers to book their tickets, do shopping and pay service bills online. This service was launched in collaboration with which bank?

Who among the following was the author of Rajtarangini, commonly regarded as the first genuine history of India written by an Indian?

Indian Space Research Organisation was recently conferred 'Space Pioneer Award' by the National Space Society (NSS) of which country over the historic feat on successfully sending an orbit to Martian atmosphere in its very first attempt?

Which state is to host the 36th National Games in 2016?

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Punjabi has become the ______________ most common language inthe Parliament of Canada.

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The Rajya Sabha in April 2016 passed two Bills, which had already been passed by the Lok Sabha earlier, repealing certain outdated/old laws. The Bills intended to repeal:

Choose the most appropriate option:

In which of the following States / Union Territories, the Election Commission has decided to hold election in a single phase on May 16, 2016?

Choose the most appropriate option

India’s voting rights at the International Monetary Fund increased from 2.3 % to

The [x] mission is a highly complex mission, which represents a significant technological leap compared to the previous missions of ISRO. It comprised an Orbiter, Lander and Rover to explore the unexplored [y]. The mission is designed to expand the lunar scientific knowledge through a detailed study of topography, seismography, mineral identification and distribution, surface chemical composition, thermo-physical characteristics of topsoil and composition of the tenuous lunar atmosphere, leading to a new understanding of the origin and evolution of the Moon. 
After the injection of [x], a series of maneuvers were carried out to raise its orbit and on August 14, 2019, following Trans Lunar Insertion (TLI) maneuver, the spacecraft escaped from orbiting the earth and followed a path that took it to the vicinity of the Moon. On August 20, 2019, [x] was successfully inserted into lunar orbit … The Orbiter placed in its intended orbit around the Moon will enrich our understanding of the moon’s evolution and mapping of the minerals and water molecules in Polar regions, using its eight state-of-the-art scientific instruments.

Which unexpected incident took place on September 7, 2019 in relation to the mission referred to in the above passage that was described by the Chairperson of ISRO as ’15 minutes of terror’? 

The government of India has released over 113 crore rupees for how many states for the special development?

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Name the robot name has been introduced by Kumbakonam based City Union Bank to improve customer service?

Which of the following schemes has been subsumed in the recently approved Ayushman Bharat –National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM)?

Which of the following satellite is used for faster Internet connectivity?

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Indian Air Force has recently officially inducted the first indigenously built Airborne Early Warning and Control System named as ___________.

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In November 2017 the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully conducted a flight test of its indigenously designed and developed long-range sub-sonic cruise missile ____________, which can carry warheads of up to 300 kg.

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Kambala is a traditional festival of which Indian state?

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Which Bollywood actress has been appointed the new Brand Ambassador of the Swachh Bharat Campaign?


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