When Hydrogen Sulphide Gas is Passed Through a Blue Solution of Copper Sulphate, a Black Precipitate of Copper Sulphide is Obtained and the Sulphuric Acid - Science

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Choose the correct option from given alternative: 
When hydrogen sulphide gas is passed through a blue solution of copper sulphate, a black precipitate of copper sulphide is obtained and the sulphuric acid so formed remains in the solution. The reaction is an example of a:


  • Combination reaction

  • Displacement reaction

  • Decomposition reaction

  • Double displacement reaction

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In the case of a double displacement reaction, two reactants exchange their ions and form new products.

\[\ce{\underset{\text{Hydrogen sulphide}}{H2S(g)}+\underset{\text{Copper sulphate}}{CuSO4(aq)}->\underset{\text{Copper sulphide,black ppt}}{CuS(s)}+\underset{\text{Sulphuric acid}}{H2SO4(aq)}}\]

This reaction is an example of a double displacement reaction.

Hence, the correct answer is Double displacement reaction.

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