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When and How Did the People of Iping Grow Suspicious of the Invisible Man ? - English Core

Answer in Brief

When and how did the people of Iping grow suspicious of the invisible man ? 

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The people became suspicious of the invisible man because of his strange and unusual ways. Everything  about him was peculiarly strange. His appearance was glaringly unusual; his face covered with bandages, his  goggles that he kept on his eyes all the time gave rise to suspicion in people's mind. Secondly, his behavior  was also quite questionable. He remained reclusive and did not encourage people to come near him. His  rudeness with Teddy, Fearenside, Mr. Hall, Mrs. Hall, Dr. Cuss, etc further provoked people to suspect  him. Besides, there were many other things such as arrival of thousands of bottles, theft at the Vicarage, etc.  also made people suspect the stranger.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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