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When Children Watch Tv the Adults Generally Scold Them Without Realizing that Some Programmes on Tv Can Be Educative Too. - English Core

When children watch TV the adults generally scold them without realizing that some programmes on TV can be educative too. Write an article in 150-200 words on 'TV as a tool of instruction'. You are Navtaj/Navita.

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 Television − A Tool of Education

Does the word 'television' rings a bell? I bet it does. It has been a topic of great debate ever since it was invented. On one hand, it is credited of keeping the masses informed but on the other, it is (wrongly) accused of spoiling children. Children watching television is a supposed sign of being spoilt. But is this argument still valid? No. With the advancement in technology and communication industry, the amount of content telecast on the television is also increasing. This provides a variety of channels to choose from. And seeing the attachment of kids with television, multiple educational channels have been launched. These channels aim at making learning a fun process or a fun-tastic process. But most parents fail to realise this. They ban children from watching television. But wouldn’t it be great if children learn while having fun? There are numerous interactive channels that aim at achieving this goal. It is an all win-win situation. The argument that television spoils children is completely invalid in today’s era. So dear parents, instead of scolding your children for watching television, let them watch these programmes so that they learn and have fun at the same time and forget the boring and tedious aspect of education.

Concept: Writing Skill
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