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What Would You Do If You Became Invisible? Would You Use Your Invisibility to Play Tricks on People Or for the Good of People? Write a Short Paragraph on 'If I Was Invisible'. - English - Communicative

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Answer in Brief

What would you do if you became invisible? Would you use your invisibility to play tricks on people or for the good of people?
Write a short paragraph on 'If I was invisible'. 

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If I were in visible it would be a great tool for me. Primarily, I will use my powers to do good for others, but I will do some mischief as well. I will help the police to catch the crooked shopkeeper, who is a master of food adulteration. I will go along with him in his shop during night when he goes to mix spurious things with edible items. When the police come I will open the door from inside without the knowledge of the shopkeeper. And this will help them get him caught red-handed. I will play some tricks on the big bully of my class. He always irritates other fellows. I will tie his shoelaces from both shoes so that he may have a horrendous fall. He won’t be able to catch me as I will be invisible.

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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