What will you do? Why? Your sister has become incommunicative. She prefers to remain alone. - Science and Technology 2

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What will you do? Why?

Your sister has become incommunicative. She prefers to remain alone.

What will you do?

Your sister has become incommunicative.


Solution 1

There must be a reason for my sister to become incommunicative and my first step would be to figure out that reason. Once, I get to know the reason, I will help her in finding the solution to the problem. If required, I would look for professional help for her in the form of a psychologist. I would try to indulge her in more social activities and things that she likes to do. I would advise her to talk to her friends and people who are close to her. Being incommunicative and preferring loneliness is not a good sign, it is important to deal with it at the earliest.

Solution 2

The feeling of staying alone or not communicating with others may lead to mental stress. This can eventually affect one’s physical, mental and social health.
If I find that my sister has become incommunicative and prefers to remain alone;

  1. I will talk to her and try to find out the reason for her aloofness and the stress. I will discuss her problem and help her find a solution to her problem.
  2. I will try to get her to speak with family members and participate in family discussions, family functions, etc. I would also encourage her to pursue her hobbies. This can help her divert her mind from the issues that are troubling her.
  3. If required I will advise her to consult a professional counsellor and discuss her problems.
Concept: Social Health
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Chapter 9: Social health - Exercises [Page 108]


IT Act 2000 is to control the.......................

How the excessive use of social media and technology is proving harmful?

Fill in the blank with appropriate word.
Alcohol consumption mainly affects -- -- -- -- system.

Answer the following.
Which factors affect the social health?

Explain the importance of good communication with others.

Solve the following cross-word:

  1. Continuous consumption of alcoholic and tobacco-materials.
  2. This app may cause the cyber crimes. 
  3. A remedy to resolve stress.
  4. Requirement for stress free life.
  5. Various factors affect ______ health.
  6. Art of preparing food items.

Give three examples
Diseases endangering the social health.

What will you do? Why?

You are spending more time in internet/mobile games, phone, etc.

What do you conclude from the following picture?

Alcohol consumption mainly affects the ______________ system.

Find an odd one out.

Tobacco chewing does not cause a carcinogenic effect on mouth and lungs.


Social health

Give scientific reason.

Alcoholism is always bad.

Write a short note.


Complete the following.

(lungs, carcinogenic, nervous system, useful, deadly, addiction, intoxicating)

Children in their early age try upon tobacco, cigarette, gutkha, alcoholic drinks, drugs, etc. due to either peer-group pressure or symbol of high standard living or as an imitation of elders. However, it may lead to _______ to such _______ substances. Temporarily _______ drugs of plant origin and some chemicals may permanently damage the human _______, muscle system, heart, etc. Earlier, we have studied the _______ effect of tobacco containing substances on mouth and ______.

What does the next picture show? What will be the effect?

What does the next picture mean?

What factors determine social health?


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