What Will Now Happen to the Astrologer? Do You Think the Prophecy Was Indisputably Disproved? - English Core

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What will now happen to the astrologer? Do you think the prophecy was indisputably disproved?



The astrologer dies before the king of Pratibandapuram gets an opportunity to kill one hundred tigers. Disproving his prophecy seems to be the sole reason for the king's existence. Except for killing hundred tigers, everything else takes a back-seat for the king.

The prophecy cannot to be indisputably disproved as the king was ultimately killed by a tiger, though neither by a real one nor by the hundredth one. Looking at the weak, old and almost lifeless tiger that was the hundredth one, no one would have thought that it would escape the king’s bullet by fainting at the shock of the bullet whizzing past. It was the “tiny little wooden tiger” from the toy shop that caused the death of Tiger King.

Concept: The Tiger King
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Chapter 2: The Tiger King - Read and Find Out [Page 15]


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Chapter 2 The Tiger King
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