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What Will Happen to the Volume of a Cuboid If Its Length is Doubled, Height is Doubled and Breadth is Sama? - Mathematics

Answer in Brief

What will happen to the volume of a cuboid if its Length is doubled, height is doubled and breadth is sama?

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\[\text { Suppose that the length, breadth and height of the cuboid are l, b and h, respectively } . \]

\[\text { Then, volume }= l \times b \times h\]

\[\text { When its length is doubled, its length becomes 2 }\times l . \]

\[\text { When its height is double, it becomes 2 } \times h . \]

\[\text { The breadth b remains the same } . \]

\[\text { Now, volume of the new cuboid = length } \times \text { breadth }\times \text { height }\]

\[ = 2 \times l \times b \times 2 \times h\]

\[ = 4 \times l \times b \times h\]

\[ \therefore\text { It can be observed that the volume of the new cuboid is four times the initial volume  }.\]

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RD Sharma Class 8 Maths
Chapter 21 Mensuration - II (Volumes and Surface Areas of a Cuboid and a Cube)
Exercise 21.1 | Q 8.2 | Page 8
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